Hi! I’m Em, and I’m not great at communicating… particularly in writing, doubly so on social media.

This probably sounds a bit silly, since I write for a living, and am an avid reader and also am pretty good at picking up the basics of a new language I want to learn without formal classes. Suffice to say that I have a pretty wide vocabulary, having been a grad student for way too long of a past life, and that I sometimes use jargon too much. Something I’ve been working on for some time.

I think a good deal of my struggles with communication also come from a general lack of focus: it took me a long time to learn to focus and find success in my career… since leaving that grad school life, I’ve lived two more, first teaching English as a second language in Istanbul, and then creating buzzwordy B2B content for an international news company in Berlin.

I’m a creative copywriter building brands for others from home, among other writing tasks (you can hire me if you want!), wherever that is now. Writing is something I really enjoy, and it comes easily to me, so I am lucky to enjoy my work and get to set my own hours and workload. It also comes with the benefit of allowing me to live and work wherever I want, as long as I stay on Earth and have access to WiFi at least once a day. But when I’m writing something for my clients on behalf of their brands, or products, it’s not a personally expressive way for me to get my own thoughts out on the page.

It also means that I talk with friends and family almost exclusively online… and with a six hour time offset, it’s usually in writing, in the form of Facebook posts and chat messages, places where brevity trumps specificity and articulation or extrapolation or using too many long words is just more space to keep on scrolling past… and often when it’s either wayyyy too early to give a fuck or wayyyyy too late to still be online for at least one party.

So this blog is where I write about my own thoughts and feelings, briefly. For at least half an hour. Every. Single. Day. At least once a week, because I cannot just write on my blog all day and still get paid. That’s incredibly unrealistic!

For me, this is a joint exercise in focus, writing briefly and concisely, and building a good habit in general. Because even if no one is perfect, only practice can bring me closer to perfection.

As for critical analysis, theoretical or lofty academic essay type stuff, and anything else worth digging into a bit deeper (all that stuff no one of your family wants to see on Facebook, so maybe we can actually have peaceful holiday gatherings this year?) …well, I’m going to try to keep that to a minimum here, and any sort of analysis will be mostly on the topic of social communication or sociolinguistics broadly, or how computer mediated communication has changed how we understand each other. So don’t worry. I will sincerely try not to get all Donna Haraway here!

So this site is where I write, mostly about myself and my life, mostly for my personal acquaintances, pretty much every day. Why do this, when there are well and enough personal blogs out there? Well, partly to try to connect or keep in touch with people. And party because I don’t see most of my friends and family more than once every other year or so, and so this is a good way for them to keep up with me and my life and my work too, when it’s not stupid early or way too late to function.  

So if this blog just came up in a google search, should you read it or care? Well, there are three main reasons people actually want to read stuff. So if you are entertained or inspired by my posts, or want to learn from me… or the lessons my life has taught me the hard way (or more accurately, that I’ve ended up needing to learn the hard way), or the types of stuff I write about and talk about, feel free to keep on reading on about my journey and adventures here.

If not, and you are not inspired or not interested by this project, I respectfully ask that you just keep scrolling and keep on keeping on, since the primary purpose of this blog right now is for me to practice my own personal social media correspondence in the digital age, and improve its brevity and clarity.

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